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Foxhunters Selected as Finalists for Prestigious Knight Frank Award

Foxhunters Care Community has been selected as one of four finalists for the Knight Frank Luxury Care Home Awards 2020. The prestigious award recognises excellence in care homes across the country. Finalists were handpicked following a UK-wide tour of luxury care homes, with judges taking into consi...

Gardening and Ambling Club

May 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories Loving morning outside for gardening club and the ambling group. Great to see everyone working in the garden together Read more

Robert’s Gym Dedication

May 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories Robert enjoys his daily gym sessions. His routine consists of various weight lifting, 15 reps on the triceps press and then 10 minutes on the bike followed by hip rotations on the left and right side. Well done Robert #moveitorloseit #wellbeing #exercise Read more

Jubilee Collaboration!

May 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories

A big thank you to Alun the Morrisons Abergavenny Community Champion who visited us today with seeds and messages of hope for the jubilee. We are going to write our message and decorate the paper chains they gave us which will be hung up in our local Morrisons shop over the jubilee celebrations. ...

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A Puzzling Afternoon!

May 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories Working together through a colour therapy book. Some of us have also completed another puzzle! Great team work Read more

Jubilee Time Capsule

May 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories We are working on a time capsule for the jubilee We wrote letters to our future selves and friends in the home about our memories of the coronation, past jubilee celebrations and our thoughts on the royal family. Read more

An Afternoon in the Garden

May 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories The rain stopped and the sun came out so we ventured in to the garden to work on our plants Read more

Jubilee Art Project

May 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories Today’s art group are continuing with their Jubilee project Read more

Ambling Group

May 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories The Oomph Wellness ambling group took a gentle stroll around the grounds today, admiring the plants. We then picked some daisy’s and made chains reminding us all of when we were younger! Read more

A Trip to Linda Vista Gardens

May 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories This afternoon we enjoyed a trip out to Linda Vista gardens in Abergavenny We enjoyed seeing the spring flowers and taking in the lovely views. It’s great to be out and about again Read more

Bake Sale

May 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories Our bake sale today raised funds for the Alzheimer’s Society Thanks again to our Laura in our wonderful kitchen team for creating such delicious treats for us all to enjoy Read more

Pet Therapy

May 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories What an amazing afternoon! Thank you to Animals Interactive for the wonderful afternoon of #pettherapy The ladies and gentlemen were fascinated with their visitors and we had great fun meeting them all! #pettherapyisthebesttherapy Read more

A Little Pampering

May 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories Some of our ladies had a pampering session today and had their nails done! Looking good! Read more

Tovertafe Games!

May 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories This morning we used our Tovertafe to assist us with our exercises we did a lot of lower body movements and a little upper body stretching! Read more

A Beautiful Walk

May 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories Yesterday we enjoyed the lovely weather with a beautiful walk along the old railway track in Llanfoist. It was great to take in the spring sunshine and stretch our legs! Read more

Easter at Foxhunters

April 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories We had a fantastic Easter weekend with crafts, eggs and fancy dress! We also had a lovely service on Easter Sunday.   Read more

A Trip Out!

April 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories This morning we enjoyed a trip to Abergavenny market followed by tea and cake. It was lovely to have a little shop around and chat with friends. Some of our group have never visited before so really enjoyed the history of the buildings around us. Read more

Baking Club

April 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories This morning we had a very good attendance at our baking club, making and taste testing Welsh cakes. We all remembered making them and shared our memories! They tasted great! Read more

A Bit Of Morning Gardening

April 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories This morning Jean helped plant new roses in the garden ready for Spring. We are excited to see them bloom and we will share photos! Read more

A Day At The Races

April 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories Day at the races Lots of fun (and shouting at the horses!!!) Read more

Colour Therapy

April 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories

We enjoyed some colour therapy. Colour therapy, also known as chromotherapy, is a form of therapy that uses colour and light to treat certain mental and physical health conditions. We can trace this form of therapy back to the ancient Egyptians. They made use of sun-filled rooms with coloured gla...

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Making Easter Decorations

April 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories Working on more Easter decorations Read more

A Visit from Lynne Allbutt

April 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories A big thank you to celebrity gardener and conservationist Lynne Allbutt who visited our home today. Lynne gave us some advice on how best to use our garden space and then afterwards we presented her with a book. Of course we had to enjoy some tea and amazing cakes as always! Read more

Easter Arts and Crafts

April 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories Starting on our next art project – Easter prep is under way Read more

Planting For Spring

April 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories Helping out in the garden this morning planting our spring flowers Read more

An Active Morning in the Sun

April 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories A very active morning! The sun is shining so we enjoyed some garden games and incorporated it into our exercise session. We also had a fantastic group of spectators cheering us on! Read more

Gardening in the sunshine!

March 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories Continuing to enjoy the lovely weather, the ladies and gentlemen started on our flower beds Read more

A lovely trip out and about!

March 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories It was so lovely yesterday to get back on the mini bus and head out. We chose to visit Raglan garden centre and have a look around the shop and the plants followed by a cup of tea! Read more

Sunny afternoon entertainment

March 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories Refreshments poured, the sun is shining and we are enjoying an afternoon of singing and dancing with Dean Richards Read more

A bit of morning baking

March 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories Saturday morning kitchen Foxhunters style! We decided to make biscuits to enjoy later. Cynthia shared her knowledge with us all then we got stuck in and enjoyed a team effort to make and bake followed by a clean up. Looking forward to later Read more

Nose and Spoon Race!

March 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories Nose and spoon race for #rednoseday We had such a fun afternoon and lots of laughter in the sunshine! Comic relief is all about making a difference and changing lives which is something we focus on every day! Read more

Pet Therapy

March 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories A wonderful pet therapy session as we welcomed Black Mountains Falconry Centre in to our home! Read more

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

March 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories Getting ready to celebrate St Patrick’s day Read more

Nutrition and Hydration Week

March 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories

It’s Nutrition and Hydration Week “Tasty Tuesday” with a focus on snacks. Not everyone wants a big meal and we offer a variety of nutritious and tasty snacks for everyone to enjoy. Particularly beneficial for those who prefer to graze throughout the day. #nhweek #carehomefood Dormy Care ...

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An afternoon of knitting

March 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories An afternoon of knitting with lots of chatter. Read more

St Patrick’s Day preperation

March 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories Preparing for St Patrick’s day Read more

Cruise week at Foxhunters

March 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories What a fantastic cruise week we had! Visiting some amazing destinations! Read more

A Knitting Challenge

February 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories We love a new challenge – any excuse to work on another project. Read more

Flag Making

February 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories Creating flags for our upcoming trip to Hawaii!! Read more

Tea Party

February 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories We had a wonderful afternoon yesterday celebrating the day of love! Delicious cake and an afternoon of quizzes and laughter   Read more

Celebrating Love!

February 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories Celebrating love with a mad hatters tea party! Read more

A Special Visit from Honey

January 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories Special visit from Honey today who offered lots of comfort to our ladies and gentlemen   Read more

The Big Bird Watch

January 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories This morning we enjoyed a bake sale for the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch. We enjoyed lots of tea and cake then a walk around the garden to do a little birdwatching Read more

Creating leaves for our Dignitree

January 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories As we approach Dignity week we have started working on our dignitree – creating leaves with messages around what dignity means to us Read more

A bit of pet therapy!

January 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories Honey loved the attention she got today! Pet therapy brings so much joy to our ladies and gentlemen Read more

New Years Knitting

January 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories This afternoon some of the ladies wanted to continue making sensory blankets, Nancy brought along her dolls she made to inspire the group Read more

A Performance by Beryl

January 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories This morning Beryl entertained us by playing some of her favourite songs on the piano. It’s wonderful when our ladies and gentlemen can continue to enjoy their favourite pastimes Read more

Starting the Year with some Arts and Crafts

January 2022 | Foxhunters | Stories We started 2022 with some arts and crafts sessions making memory boxes! Read more

A Festive Christmas at Foxhunters

December 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories A fabulous get together.. mulled wine, mince pies and festive tunes! Read more

Dancing Feet!

December 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories We are definitely feeling festive! An afternoon of singing and dancing to Christmas tunes Read more

Pet Therapy

December 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Pet therapy forms part of our activity schedule and we welcomed a special visit from Boe this morning. Our ladies and gentlemen loved meeting Boe who was very well behaved! Read more

Christmas Fruit Cakes

December 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories It’s definitely Christmas when you can smell around the home our delicious fruit cakes baking! Read more

Christmas Arts and Crafts

December 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Getting creative at todays Christmas art activity Read more

Learning Macramé

December 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Time to learn a new skill. Macramé is a form of textile produced using knotting techniques. We enjoyed our crafting session and already looking forward to the next one! #macramé #textileart #textileartwork Read more

The Smell of Christmas Baking

December 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories The smell of mince pies cooking filled the home this afternoon. Some of the ladies got together and enjoyed a baking session, now they’re ready to enjoy with a cup of tea Read more

There seems to be a naughty elf in Foxhunters

December 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Naughty elf is up to mischief today..! Our ladies and gentlemen are very amused by his latest antics and are enjoying looking around the home for him! #elfontheshelf #elfontheshelfadventures Read more

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…!

December 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…! Starting to make crackers and decorate our home ready for the big day! #christmasiscoming2021 Read more

Remembrance Day

November 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories We remembered those who were lost in our Foxhunters Remembrance service. We would like to thank Cynthia and Viv for doing our readings today, they were beautiful. Also a big thank you to everyone who helped with the decorations, they looked fantastic. Read more

Birthday Celebrations!

November 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories It was our 3rd birthday here at Foxhunters! We had a fantastic celebration, thanks to the kitchen team for such a fantastic cake and to Jo for our entertainment! Read more

An arts and crafts session

November 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories This afternoon our ladies and gentlemen had a crafts session making tissue paper poppies for remembrance day, we also painted some pictures of poppies as well! There were some very beautiful pieces ##rememberanceday Read more

A Monday sing along

November 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories On Monday morning we had our oomph wellness and group singing session. It always go down well with our ladies and gentlemen and is also a great start to the week. We have some beautiful singing voices here at Foxhunters. Read more

Halloween at Foxhunters!

November 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories We had some fantastic fancy dress for Halloween as well as some delicious cakes prepared by our kitchen team! Cupcakes, toffee apples, and a large chocolate cake! Lots of treats and luckily no tricks! Read more

Christmas card competition!

October 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories

Today we started designing our Christmas cards for the annual Foxhunters Christmas card competition! We used images from other cards to give us a little inspiration and our friends were more than happy to chip in with their advice for what makes a good Christmas card! We will keep you posted on...

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Put those thinking caps on!

October 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories This afternoon everyone in the cwtch cafe put their thinking caps on and took part in some words games. We had crosswords and word searches as well as our weekly word search on the whiteboard that everyone adds to! Read more

A mindful morning

October 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories This morning we all participated in a mindfulness tai chi session. It’s something we are now doing regularly and our ladies and gentlemen love it! We use calming imagery alongside music and movement to start the day in the right way! #taichi Read more

Halloween is fast approaching!

October 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Halloween is just around the corner and to get us into the spooky mood we have been using our arts and crafts skills to make some beautiful masks! We are almost ready for trick and treating! #halloween Read more

Looking after our gardens!

October 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Anne assisted Alan in the garden today planting 1400 crocuses ready for spring! Thanks Anne, we cant wait to see all your hard work blossom in the spring! Read more

Raising money for MacMillan, painting and lots of exercise!

October 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories

We had our Macmillan Coffee Morning! We managed to raise £107 so far with donations still coming in!! Well done team Foxhunters Plenty of laughs today with our flower painting session, great creative work followed by a nice cup of tea and biscuits! Tai Chi and daily mindfulness session was full to...

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A week full of exercise!

September 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories

We had a great turnout for our Oomph Wellness ramblers this week! The weather was beautiful and our ladies and gentlemen got some great exercise in! Everyone gets involved in our Oomph Wellness exercise group and sing along! Dianna took charge and showed us some dance moves! We enjoyed a relaxing ta...

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Knitter Knatter, Crafts and Some Pampering

September 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories

Music and art were a hit with the ladies and gentlemen this week. Creating mountains, gardens and all sorts, using mixed media. Our knitter natter group has become very popular and the ladies now meet a few times a week! We looked through some knitting patterns for inspiration for our next project! ...

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Crafts and Crosswords

September 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories

Our quiz and crossword group gathered in our café. We love challenging each other on our general knowledge and seeing how much of today’s crossword we can complete by putting our heads together. We all did some arts and crafts with glue, glitter and paint, accompanied by a nice cup of tea. ...

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Boxing, ballet and some delicious treats

August 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories

This week we have been getting super active! Round One! We did some sitting exercise with a boxing lesson, it was great fun and a fantastic workout! Lots of cakes and refreshments for our ladies and gentlemen to enjoy! Wonderfully modelled by our new team member and activities coordinator Matt It...

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Expressive Art Therapy

August 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories This afternoon we enjoyed a relaxing expressive art therapy class Read more

Tea tasting

August 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Who likes a nice cup of tea? For national tea tasting week week we had a blind tasting session and tried to guess the flavours Read more

Gymnastics week

August 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories It’s gymnastic week for Oomph Wellness and we have been using ribbons and dancing to bolero Read more

Knitter Knatter!

August 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories In this afternoon’s knitter natter session Nancy shared with us stories of the things she’s knitted, she even brought these along to show us Read more

Gardening Club

August 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Today we enjoyed our gardening club and planted our seeds from Oomph Wellness We also picked some fresh salad for later. It was lovely to enjoy smelling different herbs and plants in our sensory area. Read more

A rainy afternoon of games

August 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories A rainy afternoon calls for a scrabble challenge Read more

Foxhunters Summer Holiday: St Davids

August 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories We obviously had to visit the Welsh coast whilst on our Dormy Care holiday! This morning we leant all about the history of St David’s in West Wales and discussed the history of Welsh love spoons. We then had a go at making our own! Time for tea and Welsh cakes now Read more

Seaside Treats!

July 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Who doesn’t enjoy a stick of rock from the seaside? Read more

Beach Volleyball

July 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Beach volleyball on our Dormy Care holiday! Read more

Foxhunters Summer Holiday: Spain!

July 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Guess where we are today? We have learnt how to flamenco dance and play the castanets Dormy Care summer holiday Read more

Summer Holiday Fish and Chips!

July 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories It’s may be raining on our Dormy Care holiday but we still enjoyed our fish and chips Read more

Foxhunter’s Summer Holiday: Day Two Barry Island!

July 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Wish you were here? Fabulous fun building sand castles followed by a Punch and Judy show! Read more

Foxhunter’s Summer Holiday: Day One Margate!

July 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories We’re all going on a summer holiday #dormysummertime #holidayseason Bbq fun in Margate, music and dancing with our lobster friend! Thank you Marcus for the great entertainment #dormysummertime #dormyvacation Read more

Foxhunters Ambling Group

July 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Our new ambling group, we are doing circuits of the garden and aiming for various points, doing stretches and gentle movements Read more

Making some bunting

July 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Busy making bunting for next weeks adventures! Read more

Growing our own veg!

July 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Nothing nicer than picking your own home grown vegetables! Some impressive cabbages! Read more

Fresh Lemonade

July 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Enjoying fresh lemonade in the garden! Read more

Ice cream in the garden

July 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Afternoon ice cream in the sunshine Read more

An afternoon of art projects

July 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories A creative art session! Read more

A beautiful summers day

July 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Beautiful day in Abergavenny Read more

Feel good Friday!

July 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories It’s #feelgoodfriday as part of #gladtocare week! All our homes have a gym with a focus on keeping active and promoting wellbeing. We also have daily exercise classes including Tai Chi, ballet and dance! It,s important to keep moving as it helps us all feel good! Read more

An afternoon of art projects

July 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Busy working on our art project Read more

An afternoon cooking demonstration!

July 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Great to have a cooking demonstration! Baked Alaska – which we enjoyed tasting once ready! Read more

Crafting cement planters

July 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Fun new activity – cement craft making planters! Read more

Terrariums for our home

July 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Lovely afternoon creating terrariums for around our home. We even made a new friend found hiding in the compost bag Read more

A trip to the salon

July 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories A trip to the salon to get our hair and nails done looking great ladies! Read more

Art and flower arranging

July 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Great afternoon arranging flowers for around our home then drawing them for our art session Read more

Learning a new craft

June 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories This morning we enjoyed learning a new craft! Wet felting is a technique using fleece, soap and water to create new things. We covered oranges to get the shape needed, chose our favourite colours and made little holders for battery operated tea lights. #carehomeopenweek Read more

Welcoming back our shared reading group

June 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories It was lovely to welcome back Sandi from Abergavenny library who hosted our shared reading group. We read through an extract of “A Little Aloud” and discussed our thoughts on the topics in the book. Half time refreshments were well received too!! Read more

A trip to Skenfrith Castle

June 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Yesterday we headed out to Skenfrith Castle and stopped for A cup of tea! Lovely to be able to take our ladies out again Read more

Picking some flowers

June 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Walk around the garden, picking fresh flowers for her bedroom Read more

Oomph exercise!

June 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Exercise session with Oomph Wellness and a little help from Alys a member of our care team Read more

Shared reading group

June 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Shared reading group followed by choosing our next books from the mobile library Read more

Scrabble Club

June 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Scrabble club challenge has begun. Read more

Foxhunters Street Party

June 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Fabulous afternoon tea party, thank you to our fabulous kitchen team. We have had such a fun time Read more

Fathers Day in Foxhunters

June 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Celebrating Father’s Day with lots of fun and games from Oomph Wellness and delicious snacks from our wonderful chefs Read more

Songs in the garden

June 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Fabulous afternoon welcoming back one of our entertainers Read more

Working hard in the gym

June 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Robert working hard this morning in his daily gym session Read more

A bit of tea tasting

June 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Tea tasting quiz this afternoon Read more

A delicious afternoon tea

June 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Delicious afternoon tea thanks to our chef Kyle Read more

A healthy start to the day at Foxhunters

June 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Started off the day with fruit smoothies followed by Thai Chi in the sunshine Read more

Growing our own!

June 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Freshly picked lettuce from our garden being washed for later. We are also thrilled that our first tiny apple has started to grow! We love working in our garden and seeing the results of our efforts Read more

Nutrition and Hydration Week at Foxhunters

June 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories

It’s Nutrition and Hydration week, an annual event to highlight, promote and celebrate improvements in the provision of nutrition and hydration. Reinforce, Focus and Energise. Starting the day with delicious smoothies and delicious snacks that are always available. #nutritionandhydratio...

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A glorious Welsh summer day!

June 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Sun is shining in Wales and we have enjoyed time in the garden. Cold drinks, ice lollies and a paddle in the pool! Read more

HRH Birthday!

June 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Fabulous day celebrating HRH birthday .. pin the tail on the corgi, toss the tiara, sumptuous afternoon tea and a visit from the lady herself! Read more

A bit of needle felting

June 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories This afternoon we tried our hand at needle felting, enjoyable time learning a new skill Read more

Who doesn’t love Ice Cream!

June 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Thanks to our team.. enjoy an ice cream! Treats for our care team! Who doesn’t love an ice cream? #nationalcarersweek #thankyou Read more

Afternoon Bowling

June 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories An afternoon of bowling followed by tea and cakes Read more

Thank you carers!

June 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Making thank you cards for our wonderful team members in recognition of #nationalcarersweek Read more

Carers Week at Foxhunters

June 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Celebrating #nationalcarersweek with Bethan Read more

A sunshine sing-song

June 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Enjoying the sunshine with a sing along Read more

Garden archery

June 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Archery lessons in the garden Read more

A trip on the minibus!

May 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories We headed out today in our mini bus and had a lovely drive in to the Welsh mountains. Stunning views and we stopped for a cup of tea near the top! Read more

The Great Dormy Coach Trip: Route 66

May 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories

Day two of our Great Dormy Coach Journey and we will be taking the Greyhound along Route 66. Looking forward to exploring some of the amazing sights along the way and a cable car ride on the Sandia Peak tramway. We will be sampling a great American menu with authentic pizzas, Coca Cola and del...

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The Great Dormy Coach Trip: Amsterdam

May 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Visiting Amsterdam. Some of us enjoyed the film Tulip Fever, whilst others took inspiration from Van Gogh and tried to recreate some of his famous works of art Read more

The Great Dormy Coach Journey: Day one!

May 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Getting ready to begin our journey, tickets at the ready waiting to board #greatdormycoachjourney Read more

A bit of song and dance

May 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories What a better way to spend an afternoon? Singing and dancing to all our favourite songs! Read more

A little morning exercise

May 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Ken and Robert started the weekend with a workout #activelifestyle Read more

Keeping mindful

May 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories We enjoy regular mindfulness sessions. It can be easy to rush through life without stopping to notice much. Paying more attention to the present moment – to your own thoughts and feelings, and to the world around you – can improve your mental wellbeing. Read more

Oomph Garden Competition

May 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Our fabulous contributions to the Oomph Wellness garden contribution Read more

Getting garden creative!

May 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Getting creative with our planting for the Oomph Wellness project followed by a walk around our beautiful gardens Read more

Garden Art Projects

May 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Working on our art and garden projects Read more

Garden Planters!

May 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Working on our planters for our upcoming competition. Lots of weird and wonderful ideas Read more

Garden Preperations

May 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Garden preparations today Read more

VE Day Celebrations!

May 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories VE Day celebrations yesterday Read more

National African Heritage Day

May 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories National African heritage day saw us enjoying a great art session Read more

An afternoon of dancing

May 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories We spent a lovely afternoon yesterday singing and dancing. Thank you Oomph Wellness for keeping us entertained. Read more

Keeping active with Oomph!

April 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Exercise is fun! We love keeping active whether it’s in the gym or group sessions with Oomph Wellness we always start the day with something! Read more

National Gardening Week

April 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories We have enjoyed the recent sunshine here in Wales. It’s national gardening week and we have been working on our beautiful grounds – a great place to live with views like this. #NationalGardeningWeek #lovewhereyoulive #RHS Read more

Rock painting

April 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Today we started painting our rocks ready for our pen pals at the local school for a little geocaching fun #geocachingadventures #geocaching #CommunityEngagement Read more

Afternoon Cinema Club!

April 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories This afternoon at cinema club we enjoyed some lovely treats whilst watching our movie Read more

What a lovely morning

April 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Tai chi and pampering .. a great way to relax and start the day! Read more

Earth Day 2021

April 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Thank you Oomph Wellness for the #EarthDay2021 pack today with word puzzles and games. We also had a great discussion about what earth day means to us all Read more


April 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Fun bingo session today .. Read more

Oil pastel art!

April 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories We enjoyed an art workshop today where we learnt how to use oil pastels Read more

HRH Prince Philip

April 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Today we commemorated the passing of HRH Prince Philip. We have been watching documentaries and we have also found a place for him on our memory tree Read more

See you again Glenda!

April 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Today we said farewell to Glenda who is moving to her brand new apartment now it’s ready. Her close friend Viv presented her with another of chef Kyles masterpieces! We will miss you Glenda Read more

Titanic Remembrance Day

April 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Today was Titanic Remembrance Day. We enjoyed a talk followed by the film “a night to remember” which was all about the titanic. Read more

Enjoying some new poetry

April 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories We would like to thank Sandi from our shared reading group (Abergavenny library) for our new poetry book Read more

A lesson about Pit Ponies

April 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Today Alan kindly gave us a talk on pit ponies. It was very interesting and sparked a lot of memories of when we, or our families, worked in the pits Read more

A few Easter games!

April 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories We enjoyed lots of fun games over the Easter weekend – plenty of laughter and a bit of healthy competition Read more

Finishing off our easter treats

April 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Still enjoying our Easter treats Read more

Working off those Easter treats!

April 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Morning gym session after a day of chocolate Read more

Easter Sunday at Foxhunters

April 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories What a fabulous Sunday! Easter craft session following our Sunday morning service. Now the Easter bunny has arrived and has chocolate treats for us all and Thank you Kyle for the amazing treats today!! Read more

A Foxhunters wedding anniversary!

April 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Celebrating John and Barbara’s 65th Wedding Anniversary   Read more

Nora the Newt

April 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories We had a little visitor to our garden today who we named Nora! We then ventured out to the nature reserve behind our home and safely released the newt back in to his natural habitat. Read more

A concert and dancing

March 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories A fun afternoon thanks to Oomph Wellness! From seated exercises to a fantastic on demand concert! Read more

Some word association

March 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Today we put our thinking caps on and worked together to do some word association games.. 135 words thanks to great team work! Read more

Wire bird making

March 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories We recently enjoyed a wire bird workshop. We all had lots of fun learning a new skill. A big thank you to Alan for hosting the class, our team really are sharing their talents with us all Read more

Foxhunters Day or Reflection

March 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories

We held a very special memorial service yesterday and lit our memory tree. Our ladies and gentlemen helped pick out poetry and readings to share. The artwork displayed is the one we created in the lockdown with all our hands. We then hung names on our tree to remember those we have lost. ...

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Sunday gym sessions

March 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Sunday gym sessions keep us active and moving Read more

Horse racing

March 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories An afternoon of horse racing Read more

Spring art challenge

March 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories All set for our spring time challenge!! We had a practise session today ready for our spring time masterclass tomorrow! We have enjoyed reading poetry related to spring and looking at pictures to inspire us. Read more

St Patricks Day

March 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Happy St Patrick’s day Chef Kyle had made us some amazing treats to enjoy Read more

Foxhunters Mothers Day

March 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Amazing Mother’s Day cakes thanks to chef Kyle Read more

Armchair football!

March 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Taking inspiration from Oomph Wellness with armchair football fun Read more


March 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories George was our bingo caller this afternoon! Lots of sweet treats to be won as prizes – Viv was a winner today! Read more

Foxhunters Poetry Club

March 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Lynn hosted poetry club today with her favourite – Pam Ayres Read more

New Gym Routines

March 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Another gym session with new routines being added in by our trainer Read more

An afternoon of Art!

March 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories James has been working on his own art project creating an animal collage and we had fun sessions finishing off the faces in our art session! Read more

Spring is in the air!

March 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Spring is in the air and George is enjoying the blue skies and sunshine Read more

St David’s Day

March 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Celebrating St David’s Day Welsh Cawl, Caerphilly and leek tart and Welsh rarebit are all on the menu today Read more

National Bread Week

February 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories It’s national bread week so we have been enjoying trying different types. Read more

Foxhunters Pampering

February 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories A morning of pampering – who doesn’t love looking and feeling good Read more

Foxhunters Mobile Library

February 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories We love choosing new books from our mobile library Read more

Pancakes to Order!

February 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Pancakes to order – thanks to our chef Kyle they were flipping great! Read more

Valentines Day

February 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories A day full of love! We enjoyed our morning worship accompanied by chocolate coated strawberries! Our couples enjoyed a special romantic lunch with roses and chocolates happy Valentine’s Day Read more

National Teddy Bear Day

February 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Yesterday we enjoyed an afternoon tea to recognise national teddy bear day! Read more

Chinese New Year Decorations

February 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Making Chinese New Year decorations Read more

Points Win Prizes!

February 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories What do points make? Prizes! A fun afternoon of bingo and quizzes where everyone’s a winner! Thanks to Oomph Wellness on demand! Read more

Morning Exercise

February 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Exercising this morning to our favourite music! Group sessions or gym time, we have something for everyone! Read more

Our Mobile Library!

January 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Choosing our next read from our in home mobile library Read more

National Chocolate Cake Day

January 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories It’s national chocolate cake day so we absolutely had to taste these delicious creations thanks to our chefs!! Read more

‘Snow’ much fun!

January 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories “Snow” much fun today!! we love a snow day! Read more

Oomph Wellness Session

January 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Enjoying our Oomph Wellness Make a Wish session Read more

Milkshake Party!

January 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories In recognition of national milk day we hosted a special in house milkshake party! Read more

Knit and Natter!

January 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Our ladies enjoy the weekly knit and natter sessions and it’s great to be able to pick up past hobbies snd create new things. Read more

Starting the New Year with an exercise class

January 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Starting the year off with our exercise classes! Read more

A Day of Activities!

January 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories A fun day doing lots of different things! James enjoyed sharing his knowledge on nature and showed us his collection of books. We also enjoyed some colour therapy and a game of scrabble! Read more

A ‘puzzling’ start to the new year!

January 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories Starting on our new puzzle! Read more

A Concert from Vienna

January 2021 | Foxhunters | Stories We enjoyed the New Year’s Day concert from Vienna this afternoon. Read more

An afternoon of Tai Chi

December 2020 | Foxhunters | Stories We started the day with tai chi followed by a look back over the year with our Oomph Wellness activity packs Read more

A Very Merry Christmas

December 2020 | Foxhunters | Stories He’s been… time to open our gifts and enjoy a glass of bubbles with some festive treats. Happy Christmas! Nadolig Llawen! Read more

A Christmas Pampering!

December 2020 | Foxhunters | Stories But of pampering as we had our nails done ready for a Christmas concert, followed by cake and mulled wine! Read more

Carols and Cake!

December 2020 | Foxhunters | Stories Enjoying a German inspired Christmas afternoon as we listen to German Carols whilst eating stollen and gingerbread! Let’s not forget a glass of mulled wine too! Read more

Christmas Arts & Crafts!

December 2020 | Foxhunters | Stories Today we made oranges studded with cloves! Pomander balls are a fancy term for oranges decorated with cloves that make your home smell amazing for Christmas! DIY pomander balls can be hung as ornaments, used in garlands, or arranged as a part of a festive centrepiece. Read more

Calming Sensory Sessions

December 2020 | Foxhunters | Stories

We enjoy our morning sensory sessions. They are a calming way to start the day. There are lots of benefits of sensory stimulation including increased levels of concentration and improvement of daily function and cognitive symptoms. They also help improve communication through several differ...

Read more

Christmas around the world.

December 2020 | Foxhunters | Stories

We thought it be interesting to sample different traditions, at Christmas, around the world. Yesterday was Japan. Did you know that the traditional Christmas meal is a KFC? We enjoyed sampling fried chicken followed by strawberry shortcake for dessert! Merry Christmas from everyone at Foxhunt...

Read more

Keeping Active!

December 2020 | Foxhunters | Stories Up bright and early for a daily gym session! It’s so important to keep moving, after all an active life is an active mind! Read more

You make me feel like dancing …

December 2020 | Foxhunters | Stories

Enjoying some gentle movement after our morning exercise class with Oomph Wellness, We enjoy our daily sessions with Oomph and have a range of different exercises and fun challenges to complete. It’s good to keep on moving and we look forward to getting together for these sessions. Get in tou...

Read more

Foxhunters – Best Patio and Best overall garden

August 2020 | Foxhunters | Stories

This summer we have had a Dormy Care gardening competition! With breath-taking views of the Welsh hills, everyone was involved in creating a magnificent garden for all to enjoy. Beautiful patios with abundance of colour, hanging baskets and raised beds, a greenhouse full of home-grown vegetables and...

Read more

98 year old ice hockey fan meets local team – The Cardiff Devils

February 2020 | Foxhunters | Stories

Robert’s Bucket List… Making precious memories! Robert is 98 and resides at our home Foxhunters Care Community in Abergavenny. Last Friday, he was up at 2am having a shave, filled with excitement. The home arranged for him to go to Cardiff and meet the Devils Ice Hockey Team. Before the...

Read more

Ladies at Foxhunters knit pouches for animals affected by Australian fires

January 2020 | Foxhunters | Stories

Following the devastating fires in Australia, our ladies have been using their knitter natter sessions to knit pouches, blankets and hats to send to all the little joeys that have lost their mums during the fires. The knitted pouches offer comfort to the animals who have experienced such trauma, and...

Read more

Care home magazine interviews Dormy CEO on next generation of care homes

January 2020 | Bramshott Grange | News

Dormy Care’s very own CEO, Helen Davies-Parsons, was recently interviewed by Care Home Professional magazine about her vision for the next generation of luxury care homes. Discussing everything from where Dormy started to how it has grown and all of the well thought-through design, interior and ca...

Read more

We’re getting into the Christmas spirit at Foxhunters!

December 2019 | Foxhunters | Stories

It’s our second Christmas in Foxhunters this year and we are already feeling festive! Our ladies and gentlemen have been getting into the Christmas spirit, with lots of seasonal activities and festive cheer to go around. With a few new faces in Foxhunters this year, we’ve been thinking back to o...

Read more

Dormy Care’s Commitment to being Environmentally Friendly

December 2019 | Bramshott Grange | News

  Dormy Care is passionate about caring for the environment in everything we do. We are always looking for ways to minimise our carbon footprint across our portfolio of homes and believe that it is equally as important to look out for younger generations as it is to care for our older ones. Her...

Read more

Residents share their experiences of Foxhunters during home’s 1st birthday celebration

November 2019 | Foxhunters | Stories

We celebrated our 1st birthday last week here at Foxhunters – and wow – what a year it’s been! We’ve welcomed so many wonderful residents, won the UK’s Luxury Care Home of the Year award and launched our own internal Dormy awards after witnessing many of our colleagues go above and beyond....

Read more

Foxhunters Becomes First Welsh Home to Win Prestigious Luxury Care Home Award

November 2019 | Foxhunters | News

We are thrilled to announce that Foxhunters Care Community has been named the first in Wales to win the Knight Frank Luxury Care Home Award (2020). The prestigious award recognises excellence in care homes across the UK and announced its winner at the Health & Senior Property dinner at the Marri...

Read more

Inspiring Attitude of Foxhunters Resident who says “I Can, and I Will” Everyday

September 2019 | Foxhunters | Stories

This lovely gentleman who lives at Foxhunters in Abergavenny has started enjoying the gym twice a day and has taken to saying “I can, and I will” throughout his sessions! Not only does he enjoy his time in the gym, his body is fitter and stronger, and his wellbeing has improved. At his grand age...

Read more

Dormy Care install award-winning ‘magic tables’ to help tackle dementia

September 2019 | Brockington House | News

Dormy Care is thrilled to have the innovative Tovertafel ‘Magic Tables’ installed in two of our homes. Providing fun, calming and interactive games, Magic Tables are proven to positively impact those living with dementia. The award-winning product projects a series of stimulating light games ont...

Read more

Famous Welsh singer Bryn Yemm visits Foxhunters Care Community

September 2019 | Foxhunters | Stories

Famous Abergavenny-raised singer, Bryn Yemm, paid a visit to Foxhunters Care Community this week to see his favourite schoolteacher and Foxhunters resident, Miss Brown. Since attending King Henry VIII Comprehensive School in Abergavenny, where he was taught by Miss Brown, Bryn went on to become an a...

Read more

Foxhunters named one of the top-rated care homes in Wales!

August 2019 | Foxhunters | News

Foxhunters Care Community is proud to have been named as one of the top-rated care homes in Wales by online care guide, We received an impressive review score of 9.9 out of 10 from residents, families and friends since officially opening last year, in November 2018. Helen Davies-Pars...

Read more

A fantastic day had at Foxhunters’ care home open day

June 2019 | Foxhunters | Stories

The ladies and gentlemen of Foxhunters have been having a ball today at Care Home Open Day, with a fantastic performance by the pupils of the Deri View Primary School choir. Residents also gave their own performance, singing the 1956 classic Que Sera Sera (Whatever will be, will be) to the smiling p...

Read more

Banksy Artwork Exhibited at Foxhunters

June 2019 | Foxhunters | News

Artwork by one of the world’s most controversial and celebrated graffiti street artists was on show at Foxhunters Care Community in Llanfoist. The Banksy print was exhibited at the £12 million state-of-art care home as part of the Abergavenny Arts Festival to be held later this month (June 29th-3...

Read more

Sir Martyn Lewis officially opens Foxhunters ‘world beating’ care home

January 2019 | Foxhunters | News

Sir Martyn Lewis CBE officially opened our Foxhunters luxury care home in Abergavenny, declaring it as “world-beating.” The legendary television news presenter, who famously delivered the first bulletin on Princess Diana’s death, said the state-of-the-art home, situated on the town’s Westgat...

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Foxhunters Local Hero

December 2018 | Foxhunters | News Do you know someone who selflessly gives so much to the community but does not get the recognition they deserve? Or perhaps someone who always goes out of their way to help those in need? Nominate them for our Local Unsung Hero award! Read more

New Dormy Care Communities Home in Abergavenny is Open

November 2018 | Foxhunters | News

The latest addition to the Dormy Care family opened on the 19th November. Foxhunters Care Community in Abergavenny is a luxury purpose-built home and is the first care home development for Carter Lauren, Cardiff. With 70 fully furnished ensuite bedrooms, including four companion suites to encourage ...

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First section of new £12 million care community opens to public

September 2018 | Foxhunters | News

More than 100 people took a behind the scenes look at a new £12 million luxury care community as Foxhunters in Llanfoist officially opened its marketing suite earlier this week (Monday 20th August). Work started on Dormy Care’s flagship home in Iberis Road, Llanfoist, last September. As well as p...

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Welcome to Debbie Powell – our new team member for Foxhunters!

September 2018 | Foxhunters | News

A big warm welcome to a new member of our team! Debbie joins us in a variety of roles – she will be the first point of contact when visitors come to our home in reception and will help guide and support people with any query they may have. Debbie will also be supporting Lucy with the administr...

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Welcome to Lucy Morgan, Foxhunter’s Home Administrator

August 2018 | Foxhunters | News

The Foxhunter’s team is growing and we are delighted to welcome Lucy to the team. Lucy has been involved in the care industry for the last ten years and brings a huge amount of experience with her. Lucy will be supporting our Home Director Marie with the recruitment of our new staff and be res...

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Foxhunters Marketing suite is open!

August 2018 | Foxhunters | News

More than 100 people took a behind the scenes look at our new £12 million luxury care community as Foxhunters in Llanfoist officially opened its marketing suite earlier this week (Monday 20th August).  Work started on Dormy Care’s flagship home in Iberis Road, Llanfoist, last September. As well ...

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It’s all about the food!

August 2018 | Foxhunters | News

We are delighted to welcome James Thomas to the Dormy Care team as our new Executive Chef. James will be responsible for supporting all the homes and ensuring we offer a fine dining experience to our residents and their visitors. We asked James to share with us a bit about his work history and what ...

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MP visits Foxhunters!

July 2018 | Foxhunters | News

Monmouth MP David Davies says he is sure Dormy Care’s new £12 million flagship care community – Foxhunters – is “going to be a huge success.” Mr Davies was given a tour of the site in Monmouthshire by Dormy Care founder, Helen Maiello. He also spoke to other key people involved in the pro...

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Foxhunters update!

June 2018 | Foxhunters | News

We have been overwhelmed by the number of people who are keen to work at Foxhunters! We will be commencing our recruitment in August but you can register your interest now Our General Manager Marie is currently looking for a Deputy Manager and applications are o...

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A warm welcome to Marie Wood – General Manager, Foxhunters Care Community

May 2018 | Foxhunters | News

As our new care home progresses in Llanfoist, we are delighted to announce we have appointed an outstanding General Manager and would like to welcome Marie Wood to the team. We asked Marie to share with us her thoughts on joining Dormy Care and her plans ahead; “I am delighted to be appointed ...

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Engaging with the local Community

May 2018 | Foxhunters | News

Who has a brain? That is the question we asked 185 pupils at Llanfoist Fawr Primary School in Abergavenny. We were delighted when Mr Jon Murphy, invited the Dormy Care Team down to his school to deliver a dementia friends session. The number of people living with dementia is increasing and nearly a...

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National Care Home Open Day!

April 2018 | Foxhunters | News

Join us on Saturday 21st April from 11 – 3 for our vintage tea party and musical art therapy. Dormy Care Communities believe that life shouldn’t stop when someone moves in to a care home and our focus is on offering a range of enriching activities. This will be an opportunity to experien...

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Information Centre is now OPEN!

March 2018 | Foxhunters | News

What a week it has been! Monday 12th March saw us officially open our brand new information centre at 47 Cross Street, Abergavenny. The lovely Reverend Chris Walters arrived to cut the ribbon and bless our new shop, as we proudly opened our doors to the Community. Helen Maiello Managing Director wit...

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Information Centre Opening Soon…

February 2018 | Foxhunters | News

After a busy few weeks, we are delighted to announce that our information centre will be opening early March. This will enable you to pop in and find out about our new Foxhunters Care Community. Staff will be on hand to discuss the build and share the plans of our exciting new home. We will also be ...

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Quality care comes to Abergavenny.

January 2018 | Foxhunters | News

Dormy Care Communities first home will be in Abergavenny, South Wales and construction is well underway. Nestling in the Welsh Valleys with views of the Blorenge Mountain, this stunning new care home will be a place our residents will be proud to call home. Our luxurious flagship home, “Foxhunters...

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Welcoming Foxhunters Care Community…

December 2017 | Foxhunters | News

We are delighted to announce our flagship home in Abergavenny has a name! ‘Foxhunters Care Community’ will be our first home to open in late 2018. The story behind our name came from a horse named Foxhunter ridden by Harry Llewellyn (who lived local to Llanfoist) in the 1952 Olympic Ga...

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