National Trivia Day

Date of news/blog: 4th January 2024

Today is National Trivia Day, a day when we can celebrate our knowledge and a chance to get our ‘thinking caps’ on.

Playing brain games and staying mentally active can significantly help to reduce and slow down the potential negative mental effects brought on by growing older, and can potentially help provide several more ‘good brain’ years to life.

Recent studies have shown that a person only needs five minutes per day of brain boosting puzzles or games to help significantly increase mental wellbeing.

Across the Dormy Care Communities, ‘brain games’ are very popular and prove to be fantastic ways to keep us all flexing our mental muscles. Our homes and their individual activities teams know that keeping ourselves mentally active is vitally important as we age, something reflected in the wide range of regular activities they plan and offer all of which are designed to get us thinking.

The activities programmes, which are unique to each home across the Dormy Care Communities, include a wide variety of themed quizzes and shared puzzles which people get together to enjoy. There are also our ‘word of the day’ competitions,  where the ladies and gentlemen work together in our cosy coffee shops to make as many words as possible from a long ‘core’ word. This in particular is always a very popular activity, with fierce competition and concentration to beat the previous day’s score!

As well as the daily quizzes and puzzles, there are also the regular and hotly-contested board games gatherings such as Scrabble. No matter what they are, the brain games are not just individually stimulating, but a great chance to socialise too,

Some people prefer to challenge themselves individually, or spend more time in their rooms. However, they do not miss out on chances to flex their mental muscles or to connect with friends and loved ones.

We also have interactive projectors at all our homes which stimulate movement by inviting participants to take part in all sorts of different fun activities such as popping bubbles, playing the piano, colouring in pictures, sweeping leaves or interacting playfully with fish. Games are rich in colour, movement and detail, and really exercise the brain!

All of the Dormy Care Communities use the online activities platform Oomph which includes quizzes and games for the ladies and gentlemen to use as a group, or for people to enjoy by themselves on a tablet or their preferred device. Using the Oomph platform means they can, as well as enjoying a variety of activities and quizzes online individually, they can also do so alongside family members and friends who can join remotely, or with team members.

The platform is an ideal way for people to find content to explore a wide range of subjects, learn more about their favourite topics or simply test their brain.

Trivia, and chatting about the facts and figures we know, is also a great way to start a conversation, reminisce and share a story or two too. So that’s why we’ll be celebrating National Trivia Day! We’re looking forward to hearing some fantastic new facts!

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