Engaging with the local Community

Date of news/blog: 4th May 2018

Who has a brain? That is the question we asked 185 pupils at Llanfoist Fawr Primary School in Abergavenny.

We were delighted when Mr Jon Murphy, invited the Dormy Care Team down to his school to deliver a dementia friends session. The number of people living with dementia is increasing and nearly a third of young people know someone with dementia and are likely to be affected. It is universally recognised that by educating people about dementia we can help increase the understanding and reduce the fear and stigma surrounding this.

Here at Dormy Care, we are working with the Welsh initiative to help make Abergavenny a Dementia Friendly Community and we are passionate about involving as many people as we can – young and old!

The school children shared their thoughts and stories with us and were encouraged to talk about what happens to the brain and how people can be affected. Simple things like forgetting names, how to put socks on and how to make a cup of tea. We discussed ways that they can help people live well with Dementia and be supported. Most importantly we helped them to understand that there is nothing to be afraid of and that they need to be kind, understanding and helpful.

We were inundated with questions and some of the children shared their own experiences with us about their grand parents. Truly a fabulous afternoon and a pleasure to spend time in such a lovely school.

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