The Inspiration to write

Date of news/blog: 3rd July 2024

The successful re-launch of a book by a Foxhunters Care Assistant has given him the inspiration to write again – seven years after he finished writing.

From 2015 to 2017, Matt Purkiss wrote three connected books telling the story of residents living in a fictional town whose lives are upended by a mystery being known as the ‘Entity’.

Matt, who lives in Tredegar and works as a Care Assistant at the Foxhunters Care Community in Abergavenny, then suddenly decided to stop writing altogether.

But this year, Matt’s creative juices started flowing again after he decided to re-release his three books as an all-in-one trilogy called Entity.

Buoyed by sales on Amazon and positive comments from people, he is now putting the finishing touches to his latest book, a horror thriller which he hopes to publish shortly.

“Putting the book together as a trilogy inspired me to write again and now, I am very excited about launching my new book,” says Matt.

“Looking back, I think I stopped writing because after struggling with English at school and after years of being told I wouldn’t amount to anything, publishing my original books meant I had nothing left to prove.

“But when I first thought about publishing the trilogy as one complete book, it inspired me to start writing again and I haven’t stopped since.

“I didn’t start writing to become rich and famous; I just wanted to prove to myself that I could do it and if I can inspire just one other person, then it will be worth it.

“I have realised that you have to pursue your dreams as they don’t come to you.”

Matt has worked in different types of care settings over the last 11 years and joined Foxhunters permanently in 2023.

“It’s by far the best place I have worked as I was made to feel welcome from the very first day,” he adds.

“I also get lots of inspiration from working here, especially talking with the residents who have some amazing stories of their own.”

Leah Mort, Foxhunters Home Director said: “Everyone at Foxhunters is thrilled for Matt and what he has achieved with his writing; we just hope he remembers us when he becomes a famous author!

More information on Matt and his books is available from his Facebook page.

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