Care home magazine interviews Dormy CEO on next generation of care homes

Date of news/blog: 14th January 2020

Dormy Care’s very own CEO, Helen Davies-Parsons, was recently interviewed by Care Home Professional magazine about her vision for the next generation of luxury care homes.

Discussing everything from where Dormy started to how it has grown and all of the well thought-through design, interior and care facilities in the homes, Helen explains why Dormy Care represents the future of care for our older people.

Having trained as a nurse in the 1980s, Helen worked in various senior roles in the independent care sector before forming Dormy in 2015. It is this first-hand experience which has shaped her vision for what exceptional care should look like and why she has such a large role in the planning, design and ongoing management of the homes.

In the interview Helen says:

“We are very much a family. We are very small but that means I get out to the homes and my two regional team members also get out. Everybody knows me by name. If they have a problem anyone can call me. The family feel is evident throughout and that’s how I want it to stay. We can think big but behave small.”

Other parts of the interview reveal…

  • Why Dormy is at the forefront of future care and innovation
  • How Dormy challenges recruitment in the care industry
  • The importance of giving staff a good wage and work-life balance
  • Why the homes are tailored and themed to suit the local area
  • How to create a great community within the homes
  • The importance of design and personalisation in care homes
  • How to treat those living with dementia
  • How the design of the home can support dementia care
  • How state-of-the-art technology improves the level of care
  • The importance of staying connected with the local community
  • Restaurant-style dining rooms and high-quality food

Read Helen’s full interview here:


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