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At Dormy we believe in embracing technology to enhance the safely, well-being, quality of life and experience of the ladies and gentlemen who live in our care communities. While nothing can replace the human aspect of care, we understand that it can be enhanced with the careful and considered use of the latest technology.

Roommate: Keeping your loved ones safe while ensuring their privacy

We are rolling out a ‘revolutionary’ Scandinavian state-of-the-art falls prevention technology and it is already seeing impressive results.

We have partnered with Norway-based Sensio, to install RoomMate, a revolutionary safety sensor. The use of the sensors has been the subject of a hugely successful pilot at the group’s Foxhunters Care Community in Abergavenny, South Wales where its installation has helped prevent multiple falls and potential injuries, as well as freeing up care team time to spend with residents.

The RoomMate sensor sends out infrared light and scans the room anonymously, so a person’s privacy is not impacted. Should the sensor detect anything of concern, it will automatically send notifications to the home’s alarm system and to devices held by the care team., who can complete an anonymised digital supervision of the room before taking immediate action if need be.

The person does not have to wear any device and the sensor can be customised individually. Using the sensors also helps reduce the need for the care team to physically supervise people in their rooms, protecting sleep and rest times and improving quality of life for residents.

Falls can be one of the biggest challenges care teams face in offering care for the elderly

“We passionately believe in doing all we can to ensure the people who live in our communities can live their lives to the full, and continue to do the things they enjoy. Falls can be one of the biggest challenges care teams face in offering care for the elderly, and a fall can sadly be the beginning of increased physical or mental challenges for residents. “We’ve been delighted by the results we’ve seen at Foxhunters and the feedback we have had – from the ladies and gentlemen, their relatives and our colleagues – and we look forward to this innovative technology through all of our homes.”

- Helen Davies Parsons

Tovertafel and Interactive Technology

At Dormy Care Communities, improving the quality of life for people living in our homes is one of our key goals and we are continually investing in new technology to enable us to realise this goal.

An example is the introduction of a Magic Table in two of our care homes – Brockington House and Foxhunters.

Known as as Tovertafel (Dutch for magic table) this is a pioneering games system designed to support people, particularly those living with dementia.

Using infrared sensors to detect hand movements and stimulate movement, the Tovertafel is a care innovation that projects a series of fun interactive games onto a table to achieve social interaction, mental stimulation, and physical activity in residents.

The colourful light projections respond to hand and arm movements, enabling residents to play with the light itself, increasing both movement and stimulation. Games have been developed to boost, and great care has been taken so that the speed of gameplay and difficulty matches the level interaction.

The Tovertafel’s games are intended to entertain, but their primary goal is therapeutic. Launched in 2015 the system has shown promise in increasing physical activity as well as social interaction among residents with dementia and there is also evidence it decreases some of the negative behaviours associated with dementia, including apathy, restlessness, agitation, difficulty paying attention, personality changes and wandering.

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