Dormy Care install award-winning ‘magic tables’ to help tackle dementia

Date of news/blog: 6th September 2019

Dormy Care is thrilled to have the innovative Tovertafel ‘Magic Tables’ installed in two of our homes.

Providing fun, calming and interactive games, Magic Tables are proven to positively impact those living with dementia.

The award-winning product projects a series of stimulating light games onto a table from a projector on the ceiling. The built-in motion sensors mean that the projected images can be moved and interacted with when touched.

The idea behind the research-driven product was to create a fun and effective way to stimulate people in the moderate to severe stages of dementia. The interactive games have been proven to break through apathy by stimulating both physical and cognitive activity.

A recent study from Portsmouth University also found that The Magic Table had an immediate impact on those with dementia; instantly improving their mood, reducing restlessness and increasing engagement with family members and care staff.

Ladies and gentlemen living at Foxhunters Care Community and Brockington House have already enjoyed many moments of happiness and fun using the Magic Tables, seeing lots of positive results.

Here’s a clip of our residents trying it out:


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