Dormy Care’s Commitment to being Environmentally Friendly

Date of news/blog: 11th December 2019


Dormy Care is passionate about caring for the environment in everything we do. We are always looking for ways to minimise our carbon footprint across our portfolio of homes and believe that it is equally as important to look out for younger generations as it is to care for our older ones. Here are some of the ways we continue to ensure our homes are environmentally friendly.

Efficiently built homes

All the homes in the Dormy Care Communities group are built efficiently with long-term operational flexibility. They have the highest modern standards of building control and are positioned to be sympathetic to the surrounding area. We take into account things such as bird nesting seasons and the replanting of trees when building a new home, as we believe that this is part of our responsibility as an environmentally conscious organisation.


Chemical-free cleaning

Each of our homes has been installed with the revolutionary and innovative Tersano Lotus® Pro cleaning system which produces the world’s first Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO™).  SAO™ is a chemical-free, highly effective, safe and eco-friendly cleaning solution which uses just oxygen, electricity and water to kill 99.999% of harmful bacteria. Once used to clean, it can be poured away without any toxic chemicals entering our environment. It also meets the strict hygiene criteria of the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Dormy is also proud to say that we have been granted Purozo’s Green Cleaning Badge of Approval which recognises eco-conscious companies that are taking clear steps towards becoming more environmentally friendly through greener cleaning.


Minimal plastic waste

Our home uses minimal plastic and we recycle where possible. We look to reduce plastic in all areas of our home from catering, to maintenance, activities and cleaning. The Lotus® Pro unit is also completely reusable and significantly reduces our need for replacing chemical cleaning products, packaged in single-use plastic.


Responsible recycling

We ensure minimal wastage and maximum recycling throughout the home. Leftover vegetables and peelings are used for compost and all of our life skills kitchens have integrated recycling facilities for plastics and food.


Self-sufficient vegetable patches

All our homes have vegetable patches outside where green fingered residents can take part in weekly gardening clubs to grow their own food. Our professional chefs then use the homegrown vegetables as part of their fine dining menu, allowing the ladies and gentlemen in the homes to sample the delicious vegetables they have grown.


Sustainable travel

We promote sustainable travel and aim to cutdown on carbon emissions. At every Dormy Care Community, we aim to recruit locally which not only supports the local area but also cuts down on commuting pollution. We actively encourage our staff to cycle to work or car share. All our suppliers are also sourced locally, from produce to service contractors and healthcare supplies, cutting out lengthy deliveries with large fuel consumption.

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