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Date of news/blog: 3rd July 2024

A young author says that working in Bramshott Grange provides him with the perfect inspiration for his books.

When he’s not part of the housekeeping team at Bramshott, George Thorn is an avid writer and at the age of 28 he has already published four books.

His first three books were all self-published but his newest one, Black Hearts Be Damned’ was picked up by Grosvenor House Publishing and as well as being available from Amazon, it is also available from bookshops such as Waterstones and WH Smith.

Seeing his work on high street bookshelves is a dream come true for George, who lives in Bordon and writes under the name George A Thorn.

He says: I started writing when I was at college and there was a lot of trial and error before I got to where I am now.

“When my latest book was released, it was great looking at the numbers go up and it sold out on Amazon on the first day, which was amazing.”

George’s new book is a work of historical fiction which imagines an alternative history where Pirates survived made their own government in the Caribbean. This follows a Western fantasy, science-fiction comedy, and a horror, demonstrating the young author’s versatility when it comes to genre.

He says working at Bramshott Grange gives him lots of ideas as he is surrounded by people who have led long and interesting lives. They include resident Doreen Binks, who is also a published author. Her latest book, Letters from Venezuela 1967-1969, is compiled from the she sent to her mother during her time living in the country’s capital, Caracas.

George adds: “It would be a dream to become full-time author, but I do enjoy working at Bramshott Grange as I am surrounded by people with some amazing life stories who provide inspiration and the odd plot point or two.

“I even have an idea for setting a horror book in a care home!”

Pam Norfolk, Home Director at Bramshott Grange, said: “George is popular with staff and residents alike and we are all very proud of what he has achieved with his writing.”

George’s books can be found on his Amazon page.

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