Scrabble Club, Book Club and some entertainment!

Date of news/blog: 4th October 2021

This weekend we had a musical duo that performed for our ladies & gentlemen. Corrine & Stephen ‘Upside Down’. They played many different songs, from opera, musical hits and well-known pieces, even a few pieces freehand with no sheet music. Some ladies sat outside their rooms and in the garden enjoying the music.

Our book club met this week to discuss some short stories, they were, The Inner Song, The Shed and Charmed to Meet You. All the stories reminiscing about items given with meaning and special occasions.

We had a session called ‘Dance that Tune’ and ‘My Life’. The group first had a warmup and acted out an action that told the group what sort of things they enjoyed doing without words. These ranged from earwigging, digging the garden, playing the viola, and simply sitting back and watching others.
Our ladies and gentlemen found the exercise really fascinating.Sue and Francis spoke at the end and said they had learnt so much from the exercise about the friends they live with!
We held our scrabble club this morning. Lots of great words! The dictionary had to come out a few times to check the rules weren’t being bent! 😂
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