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Date of news/blog: 14th August 2018

Excellent care is at the heart of the Dormy Care Communities. We like to think of it as our family caring for your family. No matter how complex the needs of our residents, we are here to offer support and ensure that we deliver the very best care possible. In most of our homes, we have highly trained registered nurses on-hand to deliver specialist dementia, respite, palliative, residential and nursing care, and help residents live their lives as independently as possible. Here’s what you can expect from the different types of care at the Dormy Care Communities.

Dementia Care

What makes us different when it comes to dementia care, is our belief in personalised care and encouraging people to live well and independently with dementia. We think it’s important to get to know the individual and understand their likes, dislikes, personalities and daily routines so that we can deliver the highest standard of care possible. We are committed to ensuring that residents with dementia live an enriched life and we’ve even included dementia-friendly environments around the home, with special signage and aids to prompt memory. We actively encourage residents living with dementia to get back into long forgotten hobbies or talents, or even trying new ones.

Palliative Care

For us, palliative care is about supporting you for the rest of your life. We either have specialist and compassionate palliative nurses onsite, with experience in end of life care or we work with Macmillan and the community to ensure the right support is available. We will be your support network, assisting you with everything from medical to emotional care and attending to your personal wishes. We also offer emotional support to the families and encourage them to visit as frequently as they like.

Respite Care

Take some time to relax and recuperate in a luxury environment with exceptional facilities. We provide quality respite care, with 24 hours nursing available if required, for anyone who needs a little time to recover postop or would just like a relaxing break. Take advantage of our calming onsite amenities, including the all-inclusive hair and beauty salon, our therapy rooms, jacuzzi baths, beautiful landscaped gardens and library. Build up your strength with delicious freshly made and locally sourced food, which you can enjoy in our interior designed restaurants, and you can even relax with a drink from our all-inclusive bar. Personalised fitness plans are available and can be individually created by our onsite fitness expert, to help you stay active and rebuild your strength.

Nursing Care

We provide nursing care in nearly all of our homes. Our care teams are made up of highly trained, registered nurses with a passion for caring for others. You can rest assured that whatever our resident’s needs, we will provide them with the highest quality care possible. What makes our nursing teams unique is not just the clinical ability they share, but the love they have for what they do. It is really important to us that all our staff share our philosophy of delivering quality care with a person-centred approach – and most importantly – treat our residents with the respect they deserve.

Residential Care

Many of our residents don’t require full-time care, but a little helping hand now and then. Our residential care services allow us to support our more independent residents who like to know assistance and companionship is nearby. You can enjoy the luxury facilities, with the comfort of knowing that help and support is always on hand.

If you have any questions about the care we offer at Dormy Care Communities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. A member of our team will be happy to answer your questions.

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