Brockington House receive paper aeroplane messages flown in by children

Date of news/blog: 26th March 2020

Our ladies and gentlemen were overjoyed to receive paper aeroplanes from children, filled with beautiful heart-warming messages.

With visitors not currently allowed into the home due to the recent outbreak of covid-19, we were incredibly touched to find these aeroplanes which had been flown in over the wall, featuring pictures and written messages saying things such as “Never stop smiling” and “Hope you’re having a wonderful day”.

Home director at Brockington House, Shann Thomas, said:

“It was a really lovely thing to do, and we would like to thank the children.

“The identity of the designers of the flying goodwill messages is a mystery. We believe that it was two little boys living close by – but cannot be sure.

“We’d just like to say thank you very much, from every single resident.”


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