Dementia UK ‘time for a cuppa’ event 2019

Date of event: 1st March 2019

Everything seems better after a cup of tea! That’s why Pine Martin Grange is hosting a ‘time for a cuppa’ event on Friday 1st March, to celebrate 10 years of tea parties organised by Dementia UK.  Dementia UK has been running ‘Time for a cuppa’ since 2009, in support of families facing dementia. The idea is to encourage those living with dementia and those caring for people with dementia to take some time out and enjoy time together over tea and cake, whilst spreading awareness.

We are hosting our little get together in support of the cause, and as a little get together for our residents to enjoy a chat over a nice hot drink. The event will take place in the Harbour Bar, from 10am-12pm and everyone is welcome. We look forward to seeing you all there!

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