Care advice experts experience typical day at Bramshott Grange

Date of news/blog: 10th December 2019

We recently had a special visit from trusted care advice and information experts, Autumna UK.

Debbie Harris, who is the founder of Autumna UK, spent the afternoon at Bramshott Grange, experiencing a typical day in the life of our home.

She wanted to find out if boredom in care homes was a thing of the past and whether care homes were responding to the need for engagement and activity – and what better place to find out than Bramshott Grange!

Throughout the day, Debbie saw our residents meet alpacas, take part in a Thai Chi session and singalong with the fantastic singer and pianist, Lizzie Hale.

When speaking to our Activities Coordinator, Debbie asked:

“So, what we’ve seen today… Is that a typical day for you? Including the alpacas, I can’t believe alpacas were here!”

And the truth is, it really is a typical day at Bramshott Grange! As our Activity Coordinator, Kay explains:

“The alpacas come to us on a regular basis and it’s so lovely to see their engagement with the residents. What you’ve seen today is kind of a busy day – some days are more games orientated; some are trips orientated – it changes on a regular basis but it’s generally back-to-back activities so that all our residents have choices.”

When discussing the impact that the activities have on the lives of our ladies and gentlemen, Kay explains:

“The amazing thing is, you could have a resident that comes in – as we’ve got one at the moment – and she has just flourished. From staying in her bedroom most of the time, to now joining in every activity, it’s amazing. She’s made friends and that is so rewarding. It makes this job fab.”

At Bramshott Grange, we tailor our activities to match the interests and hobbies of our ladies and gentlemen, ensuring that what we plan is something they’ll enjoy.

Watch the full video of Autumna UK’s visit to our home here:
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