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Why we’ve introduced mindfulness training for our care teams

Date of news/blog: 12th September 2017

A number of recent applicants for new roles at Bramshott Grange have commented on our robust induction training programme. For this reason, we have decided to explain a little more about the ‘Mindfulness Training’ aspect and the support we offer our valued team members. A care home may have the most beautiful surroundings with the newest technology and facilities, but having a motivated, skilled and driven team with one vision, is what sets us apart. Our team is as important to us as our residents and their families and friends are.

Research has shown that people working in the care industry often leave within the first six months. This is usually the result of feeling either unsupported or ill-equipped to perform their job effectively. Therefore, it was imperative to us that we provided an induction programme that equipped the team with the skills, knowledge, support and team building that’s required to deliver the highest quality care.

Our full day of ‘Mindfulness training’ begins with an online workshop that’s designed as an introduction to the subject, prior to a classroom style workshop. The most recent application of this training took place at Pine Martin Grange and was a great success. The team focuses on a core value approach which provides a flexible framework that helps our team members to recognise what they need, and how to best communicate these needs in a way that can resolve even difficult situations. These values can support us all in building healthier personal and professional lives. They enable the development of clearer communication and help us deal with conflict and stressful situations without being overwhelmed. Both of our luxury care homes, Pine Martin Grange and Bramshott Grange, will be integrating the Mindfulness approach into everyday practice and regular updates for staff will be available through online support and workshops.

Mindfulness allows our own personal needs to be met on the same level as the needs of others. When used properly, ’Mindfulness training’ allows us to uphold our personal integrity and authenticity while reinforcing the importance of personal responsibility in any given situation.

And to end our update for this week, we’d like to share a quote with you from Don Miguel Ruiz, a writer on personal development; “Be impeccable with your word. Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love”.

If you would like any more information on either of our care homes, or would like to arrange a visit please get in touch