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Special Feature: Jon Rose our Maintenance Manager

Date of news/blog: 23rd November 2017

We want to introduce you to Jon Rose, our Maintenance Manager at Pine Martin Grange in Wareham! Pine Martin Grange is one of our two luxury care homes, just like any home it requires constant attention and upkeep, which is where Jon comes in. Whenever there’s a problem or something isn’t quite working up to our high standards, we can always count on Jon to come and fix it! We caught up with Jon and found out all about his busy routine and also discovered some delightful details about the lovely Pine Martin Grange…

On a typical day what do you do at Pine Martin Grange?

Well usually on a typical day at 9am I check my emails and any conformance tasks for the day ahead. Then I list any outstanding issues from the day before, it’s important to be as organised as possible to keep things running smoothly. Once that’s done I attend the Head of Departments meeting – and collect any new jobs to be done! Then I get to work on making an action plan for the day. My plan normally runs for a good hour or so before…”Jon please can you come down? This is not working” but that’s what makes my role as Maintenance Manager so interesting each day! I’ll make sure to have some lunch somewhere in between and then once the day is finished, I leave hoping that I’ve left behind a happy home.

That sounds like a busy day! What first brought you to work for Pine Martin Grange?

I’ve been involved in care home facilities and maintenance for 12 years now, and have always been keen to progress when opportunities arise. After my initial interview, I got the impression Pine Martin was a very professional company with opportunities for everyone to develop so I was delighted to be offered a position and keen to join the team.

Yes, a strong team is very important, especially in the care industry.

What do you like the most about working here?

Quite simply the unity! From the very top and down through all levels of staff, everyone is made to feel part of the team and appreciated. I think it’s this appreciation that brings the best out in everyone and makes for a super feel about the home.

It’s not long now until we’ll be welcoming our new residents, we’re very excited to meet them, are you looking forward to it too?

With Pine Martin Grange being a residential home, I’m looking forward to getting to know our new residents. I’ll definitely be a familiar face around the home! I hope they all settle in well and just enjoy the facilities really. One or two sports fans wouldn’t go amiss with our superb cinema screen too!

And lastly, is there anything significant that sets Pine Martin Grange apart from anywhere else you’ve worked before?

Pine Martin Grange encourages residents to live life to the full and to the best of their ability. Other caregivers also provide very good levels of care if it’s required but this home as a whole encourages the idea that the elderly still can have a fulfilling and stimulating later stage of life, while still offering a more social and community feel.

We’d like to thank Jon again for his time and for all the hard work he puts into making our care home extra special.