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Introducing our brilliant new care team

Date of news/blog: 1st June 2017

We are all very excited to share details on our brand new team and their one of a kind staff induction.

The induction began on the 24th of July with over thirty new carers and staff members eager to begin training. Leading by example, we wanted to provide our staff with the same level of support and commitment that we give our residents. After all, being a company that’s dedicated to well-being, it’s important to recognise the roots of our services and facilities begin with the people who work with us. For this reason, we invested two and a half weeks of additional training beyond what’s mandatory, purely to ensure our team feels comfortable, supported and united from the very beginning of their time with us. We believe that we are all one team, sharing the same values and a commitment to delivering the highest standard of care to our residents. We are keen to establish a community within our workforce that not only reflects stability to our residents but also enables our care workers to really be themselves.

We enlisted the help of the enthusiastic group ‘Oomph’ who focus in particular on specialist activity training. They helped to provide not only practical advice but also gave our staff new ways to improve engagement and integration, in cases where our residents may need a bit of extra support joining a new group. We thoroughly enjoyed their input and we’re sure our staff did too. It was fantastic to be able to work so closely with an organisation we truly admire and refreshing to see their commitment to enhancing and best fulfilling, the lives of people who require a greater degree of care. In both our luxury care homes we will be supporting some residents living with dementia and Alzheimer’s; ’Oomph’ has helped to further inspire us and our team with innovative ways to therapeutically maintain the health, happiness and comfort of all our residents.

We were also keen to focus part of the induction on our staff’s well-being as individuals. We strongly believe that in order for our team to work effectively and cohesively, each team member should be looked after. Working in the care sector although rewarding, can occasionally become slightly overwhelming. Our Mindfulness training was designed to provide our team with an opportunity to better understand themselves and their working practice. Taking each day a moment at a time means that the people working with us will not only share compassion and kindness with each other and our residents but will have acquired a life skill that extends beyond the workplace. The act of being present as an individual directly creates a positive outlook that can be valued by all.

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