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Our Dormy Care Award Winners 2019

Date of news/blog: 8th November 2019

This year, we were really excited to hold our very first Dormy Care Awards ceremony.

The event began with a three-course meal, followed by the awards ceremony which gave thanks to the very best people in our Dormy Care Communities.

We wanted to recognise the outstanding people who make a difference in our homes every day. Nominations were accepted from ladies and gentlemen who live in the homes, their families, friends and even the public. It was incredibly heart-warming to hear all the lovely things they had to say about our teams, and we were very proud to present our winners with their Dormy Care awards.

Here are the award categories and our Gold, Silver and Bronze winners:


Community Engagement Award

This award reflects community work that helps promote the home, build relationships with local groups and support people locally.

Gold: Lorrain Puckett – Pine Martin Grange

Silver: The Activities Team – Brockington House

Bronze: The Activities team – Foxhunters Care Community


Excellence in Catering/Hospitality Award

Recognising those who support our chefs and aim to deliver an exceptional dining experience.

Gold: Miriam Allmark – Foxhunters Care Community

Silver: Emily Simms – Bramshott Grange

Bronze: Courtney Chappell – Pine Martin Grange


Promoting Fulfilled Lives Award

This award is to recognise those who make a difference to the ladies and gentlemen who live within our homes.

Gold: Rachel Warne – Pine Martin Grange

Silver: Georgia Silcox – Foxhunters Care Community

Bronze: Debbie Twigg – Pine Martin Grange


Exceptional Newcomer Award

This award recognises someone who is new to care and has embraced their new role in our Dormy Care Communities.

Gold: Simon Westbury – Foxhunters/Brockington House

Silver: Becky Snell – Pine Martin Grange

Bronze: Ash Davies – Brockington House


Compassion and Dignity Award

Recognising those who have truly touched our hearts with their compassion towards our ladies and gentlemen with the support and dedication they show.

Gold: Kay Parker – Foxhunters

Silver: Matthew Forkin – Pine Martin Grange

Bronze: Samantha Nicholas – Bramshott Grange


Changing Lives Award

Making a difference to those in our homes and going above and beyond to meet individual needs.

Gold: Louise Clarkson – Pine Martin Grange

Silver: Pam Norfolk – Bramshott Grange

Bronze: Suzanne Bentley – Brockington House


Spirit of Dormy Award

This award is to recognise someone who really shines and reflects the Dormy values through and through. These individuals go above and beyond every day.

Gold: Lucy Morgan – Foxhunters Care Community

Silver: Donna Harris – Pine Martin Grange

Bronze: Helen Hodges – Brockington House


Congratulations to all our worthy Bronze, Silver and Gold winners! Everyone who works in our Dormy Care Communities are exceptional people, and we look forward to recognising all of your hard work at next year’s Dormy Care Awards.